FH Europe
Post Annual Network Meeting Report

We hope this message finds you well. As promised we would like to officially follow up on our FH Europe Network meeting 2019 in Bucharest. Once again a big thank you to the FOBAC team, speakers and sponsors for their help in organizing this incredible event.

In attachment you will find the meeting report. We hope we have captured all the important points you have raised and reported from your networks. Please note you there are links inserted to the take home messages movie and the stories by Thanos & Cindy about living with HoFH (hosted on YouTube). We are happy to inform you that some of the meetings’ presentations as well as the photos will be available on the www.fheurope.org website in the Network section as Monday. We wholeheartedly invite you to login and use this section, created with our community in mind. (in case of any issues with login please let us know).

Your feedback about the meeting is very important! You will receive a separate email from SurveyMonkey to a simple survey which should take about 10min (9 questions). We are keen to hear your thoughts and suggestions about the meeting, so please fill out the survey by December 11th (it is anonymous).

Finally, we are looking for the next meeting’s HOST COUNTRY, Nov 6-7, 2020. We believe an annual meeting offers a wonderful chance to raise awareness in the country, demonstrate your achievements and brings a positive impact to the local patient network. So grab this opportunity! Good news - moving on we intend to engage with a professional support for the logistics. If you would like to bring it to your country, have any questions or ideas, please contact Magda to discuss.

Meeting report