Hearts in quarantine

Hearts in quarantine

The situation caused by the coronavirus requires new solutions.

We show examples of helpfulness, humanity, and togetherness.

Based on the feedback from our patients, in the present situation, the control of the anticoagulant medication and the laboratory examination of the INR value are not solved. An improperly adjusted anticoagulant can cause a stroke.

It is our duty to help and act to the best of our knowledge, which is why we have launched our INR measurement program in the patient's home during quarantine.

By observing the necessary protection measures, we do not leave patients living alone, we visit them, we take the measurements with a home INR measuring device and we make sure that the appropriate range is set.


Our campaign initiated during the Crown Virus: INR measurement in the patient's home!

With the involvement GPs, INR measurements of 200 affected patients will begin on 04.20.

Followed a notification, the measurement and evaluation take place at a given time. We would like to expand the group of patients taking anticoagulant drugs in our patient organization to be controlled, strengthen their protection of interests, and achieve the nationwide distribution of home INR measuring devices with them, there has never been such a great demand for them!

We inform the population about the progress of the program with daily photos and short reports and logins. You can find out more on our website and on our Facebook page www.szivsn.hu and www.facebook.com/szivsn.