of the Cardiac Patients in Hungary
accepted on 21st July, 2018 II. Heart Training Camp in Siófok, Hungary

1. Patients with cardiac disorder and healthcare workers, delivering care and services to cardiac patients have the need to know and must be informed  about basic and up-to-date information relevant to the diseases.

2. All patients affected , along with their family members have the right to learn more of the cause of their cardiac disorder(s), the possibilities of recovery from the disease and the means of prevention.

3. All cardiac patients must be provided with access to high quality medical care, regardless of their residence ,  eg for those living in small settlements, too.

4. It is everyone’s obligation and responsibility to retain our good health, to ’manage’ to the best of our knowledge and evade early death  or any harm to health.

5. It is essential that cardiac patients must be provided with relevant education, with the support and guidance of  professionals with degree in medical healthcare. Such preventive education and related heart programs will result in cost-reduction in  after-care ailment, and beneficial life can be considerably extended, quality of life well maintained.

6. In the course of such education every related person should be capable of recognizing the symptoms of disorderly circulation, as this can well decrease  mortality ratio and sudden cardiac death.


Zsuzsa Bernath-Lukács
of the SZIVSN Hearty Association, Hungary